GTA 5 Car Game Guide, Tips, Review

Rockstar Game’s open world megahit allows players to drive around a modern world, get involved in all sorts of vehicularly ambitious activities (often at risk of life and limb), then walk away from the accident/collision/explosion, then try it all over again. It is plenty of great fun, but there’s also a need for good reliable cars. After all, while you can practically grab every single vehicle you see in the game, some cars just handle a little bit tighter and accelerate a little bit faster. So when it comes to picking out the best cars to get for a wide variety of purposes, we have come up with a great list of practical and reliable car choices for Grand Theft Auto 5.

Critics Rating: 4.5/5

A Practical Guide to GTA 5’s Best Cars

GTA 5 - Super Cars

The open streets of Los Santos are all yours, and all you need to have is a good, reliable set of wheels. You need a good balance of speed, handling, and even a certain degree of toughness when you know that you will be racing down busy highways while trying to evade a hail of gunfire. So what really matters for a car to be one of the best? Sure you can always go for the most expensive or the ‘fastest’ ones, but when everything in the world tends to get blown up left and right, accessibility, cost, and being replaceable also become critical factors


Before Everything Else: Customizing, Impounding, and Losing Cars

GTA 5 - Impound

So you found a great car, brought it over to LSC to custom modifications (and a spiffy new paint job), and then drove it out for a spin. That’s all well and good, until something happens and you end up forgetting where you parked it. The good thing is that modified vehicles will appear in the police impound and you can retrieve them for a relatively low amount of cash. The big problem happens when you total the vehicle –damage it enough for it to explode. When this happens, the car is lost forever. This can happen to unique cars like the Alien parts reward vehicle or the XF. Be sure to create a new save before taking any good irreplaceable cars out of your garage.

For this reason, it is important to consider the availability of a car as a factor for making it the “best”. Pumping out several hundred grand cash on mods is not an easy investment to make (especially early in the game). And losing it all in a random road accident is never a good thing. For this reason, the personal cars of the characters are also important.

Not Quite Super: The Bravado Buffalo S

GTA 5 - The Buffalo S

Each of the three characters in the game, Micheal, Franklin, and Trevor, have their own personal cars. These are vehicles that they personally own and will often use in a lot of missions (in some cases, the game requires you to specifically drive their car). Also, when switching characters, these are the cars that will be spawning nearest to them. This makes it worth spending a bit of money in order to improve and max out the car’s stats –this is particularly true of the engine, handling, turbo, and bullet proof wheels.

GTA 5 - Franklin on the Go

Of all the three characters, Franklin’s Buffalo S deserves some recognition. While Michael has a decent car –it gets taken away and replaced by other vehicles (all of which from his family) in the middle of the story. While upgrading any of these cars will be permanent, it makes them hard to predict. Trevor’s Canis Bodhi pickup truck, while as reliable as the Buffalo, is much too slow and the open-seating provides too little protection in gun-fights.

GTA 5 - The Buffalo S is Tough

Back to the Buffalo S –it is worth investing a lot of cash early on this car. Upgrading its’ armor, engine, and any other option (as soon as they become unlocked in LSC), gives players a pretty solid edge in most of Franklin’s story missions. As a four door car, it is good for events that have you driving for several passengers (something that 2-Door supercars cannot do). In terms of performance, it is relatively fast and has excellent handling –you can win several of the races on a modified Buffalo S (and with ample use of Franklin’s special ability, even the hardest races can be won with this car).

GTA 5 - Run from the Police

Of course, having a great default car is good, but picking up a great sports car off the road is even better.

The Truffade Adder

GTA 5 - Truffade Adder

Many GTA5 players would attest that this is the best overall car –ever. And it probably is, it is fast, it handles well (better than a lot of other supers), and best of all, for a super car, it can be spawned rather predictably. Finding this car is relatively easy in the early versions of GTA5, but in the Enhanced HD editions it can be a bit rarer for some players (you can switch characters around to get it to spawn). In Rockford Hills, there is an area called Sessanta Nove –this is where you will find this car. To get there, simply drive south from Michael’s house towards the first Posonby’s store (it is a high end clothing store). South of the store are roadside parking spaces –it is likely that the cars that spawn here would include an Adder.

GTA 5 - Adder 01

While there are super cars which have better top speeds, acceleration, or even handling than the Adder, none of them are as easily obtainable. Having a reliable spawn point makes it a much better choice over a car than can only be obtained through the Legendary Motor Sport store or stolen from a single mission. Best of all, the raw stats of the Adder are already impressive, so you can take it for a tough ride without having to mod the specs at all (which is going to be cost effective if you tend to get your rides explode too much). The only vehicles to match up against the Adder in specs would be the Entity XF, Turismo, and Zentorno –but as stated, getting these cars quickly is not an option.

GTA 5 - Adder 02

The only drawback to the Adder is that it is only a two-door car (like other supers), so it cannot be used in some missions where you have to travel with more than one friendly NPC. On the other hand, if you tend to go off road a lot or even up the big mountains, the Adder works well even in those tough conditions. Franklin’s races can also be won handily with an unmodified Adder.

The Entity XF

GTA 5 - The Entity XF

If you are willing to pony up some cash for a good car, then the best bang for your buck will come in the form of the Entity XF. Alternatively, you can score one of these vehicles through the I Fought the Law mission. Either way, the important thing to remember is that the Entity is not an easily replaceable vehicle. So yes, in terms of accessibility, the XF loses major points. But in all other categories, it packs a massive punch.

GTA 5 - Drive Fast

This is contested by many players as one of the fastest vehicles in the game. We do not intend to get into the number crunching argument, so we will go straight to the bottom line: it has better acceleration than the Adder (it takes a while to reach the Adder’s top speed). Do with that bit of information as you would, but just know that there are plenty of technically challenging drives in the game compared to the instances when you actually get to enjoy tracts of long straight roads. The XF’s steering excellence comes courtesy of the all wheel drive system which allows you to easily maneuver around obstacles without slipping.

GTA 5 - most stylish

There’s a reason why the Entity is one of the most often used cars by experienced players in GTA5’s online mode –it has good armor, superior performance, and it is one eye-catching vehicle. Style-wise, this car is a cross between a Maserati and a Koenigsegg (it has also been observed that it also takes some inspiration from the Aventador and the Carrera GT). If you want a high-end racer that tells everyone that you are king of the road, this car is it.

The Pegassi Infernus

GTA 5 - Pegassi Infernus

While not as good as the Adder, the Infernus is a great super car in the sense that it tends to spawn a lot on the roads.It sports impressive acceleration, and is also one of the most stylish vehicles in the game. This car is a good option when spawning an Adder is too troublesome or time consuming. Of course, you are just as likely to spawn a Bullet or a Voltic –you can use these other supercars to “seed” an Infernus spawn. The bottom line is that the Infernus is an easy to find vehicle that makes it easy for you to easily switch from whatever random vehicle you are in and move up to the supercar class. It is also extremely easy to identify thanks to the very unique exhaust on the back (it looks like a round booster out of the Batmobile).

GTA 5 - The Infernus Rocks

The Infernus can be found sitting in plenty of parking areas: Vespucci Beach, Richman Hotel, Pacific Bluffs, the Vinewood Racetrack, and Rockford Hills. Though you may not even have to go that far as it appears often enough on the streets –and when you do chance upon one, your reward is well rounded, fast, and reliable super car. It also looks wicked cool especially with the unique exhaust configuration. Without a doubt, the Infernus is inspired by Lamborghini. The name alone is a solid nod to the Diablo, though the car itself takes reference from other vehicles by the maker (the rims look like those on the Reventon).

GTA 5 - Customize It

As stated, this is basically what you should get if ever the Adder is not an option. It is tough enough to handle a good amount of rough handling –even matching up to some of the tougher sedans. Like other supercars, the lack of a rear window means you cannot easily get shot from the back (perfect for car chases), and the low profile means you are not an easy target to hit. The wheels are a little vulnerable to damage and will lock up if you get hit from the sides a lot.

GTA 5 - Special Mode

While not as fast as the other supercars, the Infernus is still one tough cookie to beat on the road. It is very stable and the excellent tire grip means you can handle corners like a devil –if upgraded, this car’s handling gives it an incredible balance between speed and control. For players who are not too fond of overly fast cars, the Infernus is a great option when they need something fast and without overstepping a comfortable pace.

The Grotti Turismo R

GTA 5 - Grotti Turismo R

This super car is actually not part of GTA5’s default list of vehicles –it can only appear if you get all the free DLC’s that have been released for the game. The good thing is that all the DLC content is free so that should not be a problem at all. Anyway, the Turismo R may not seem like such a hi-spec car when compared to the specs of the Zentorno and the Osiris (two other DLC-accessible vehicles). But it is the one that we are going to feature on this list since it is a very practical vehicle to have between the three options.

GTA 5 - Drive Out

First off, the Turismo R has great stability. This alone puts it head and shoulders better than the Zentorno. Sure, the Z is even faster than the XF, and it only takes 3.2 seconds to reach top speed, but all that engine power is nothing when you hit a bad bump. The Zentorno will spin out of control pretty quickly if you are unable to keep all wheels on the ground. Quick hops turn into dangerous moments, and going off-road on it is a definite no-no. The Turismo, on the other hand, has an extremely low profile allowing it to remain in good stable running even on bad terrain. The profile is so low on this car that it can actually slip under the Sandking XL.

GTA 5 - Sunset

When compared to the Osiris however, the Turismo is definitely underclassed. The only reason we are not suggesting the Osiris as a ‘best’ car option is because you would need a lot of money to obtain it –and by the time you would have been able to acquire this car, you would have already been relying on other vehicles. This is unlike the Turismo R, which is available to players pretty early into the game (if you get lucky with car spawns). So yes, the only thing that kept the Osiris out of this list was the hefty price tag that came with it (even the XF is much cheaper to obtain). And thus, of the three DLC cars, it is the Turismo R that is truly worth your while. Of course, just comparing it to two other supercars is not enough –in general, the GT-R is a very good vehicle.

GTA 5 - Good Handling

Let’s start with the only drawback to the Turismo: the body armor. The armor on this is a little low –so investing in that is a definite yes. And even when fully fixed up, a few solid hits can and will expose the engine (and you, to bullets, as well). Not to say that the Turismo is pointless in combat. The best way to use this car in hostile situation is to take full advantage of its ability to move around fast, you can zig-zag around pursuers and lay waste to them with a good combination of maneuvering and shooting skills –the car’s amazing responsiveness will see you through a lot of hostile situations. Also, being low means not being easy to hit either.

GTA 5 - Boom

In terms of speed, the Turismo R can give the Entity XF and the Adder a good race –making it a great contender in terms of speed. Acceleration is smooth as well –the gain is constant, allowing players to easy get a feel of how the car speeds up. As mentioned, the maneuverability is top notch. So whether you are weaving around through traffic, dodging bullets, chasing biker gangs, or just trying to recreate and action movie moment by going under a Sandking in the middle of a highway, the responsiveness of the car will make it easy for you.

Visually, the Turismo R takes its inspiration from various sports car manufacturers unlike other supercars which do combine but also tend to heavily borrow from a single source. Most players do feel that the LaFerrari is the single biggest influence on the car –this makes sense since the original Turismo was heavily based on the F40. Still, it is hard to not notice that this car also takes many elements from the McLaren P1, Faralli & Mazzanti Evantra, and the Corvette C7.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, the best cars that GTA5 has in store for you. In terms of speed, durability, handling, and also important: accessibility. Obviously, you will still find plenty of Obey’s, Sultans, Taxis, and other random vehicles on the roads, much more so than any of the cars we mentioned above. But super cars are always well worth the effort to obtain –even on the fly, because simply being in one gives you an edge over everything else on the roads.

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