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Car Racing Mobile Games

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Android Racing Games

Asphalt 8 AirborneAsphalt 8 Airborne

If you are a racing fan, than chances are, you enjoyed the thrill of Burnout's takedown game mechanics. While real life races focus heavily on safety, the virtual offers a unique alternative to your approach: going reckless. Asphalt 8 Airborne follows the shoes of the console title by offering players the option to take shortcuts, insane gravity-defying jumps (hence the Airborne in the title), and most importantly, the ability to slam and crash your opponents. This game puts an all new meaning to the term, taking the lead, and it is certainly addictive and fun to play that way.

The game is not all about crashes and smashes. There's plenty of skill involved as well. A8A's drifting and nitro racing mechanics are quite refined and once you figure out a mobile control that suits your playstyle, mastering courses becomes a combination of driving skill and measured competitive violence. With the game's flashy visuals, smashing your way to the finish line has also never looked better on such a small device.

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CSR RacingCSR Racing

While one would think that the straightforward (pun intended) approach of drag racing may not seem so enticing, CSR Racing actually makes it work. The game focuses heavily on timing and upgrades, to expect to grind a lot as you master the perfect time to feed gas, shift, and accelerate your way to victory (as well as earning the necessary cash to properly upgrade your car so that it can match up against higher tiered opponents).

For a game without much focus on turning or large courses -all you drive on is a pretty straight track, there's great emphasis on the visuals for both the car and the backgrounds. Each vehicle is meticulously detailed and watching your vehicle go rim to rim with your opponents as you close in on the finish line will have you literally holding your breath.

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GT Racing 2GT Racing 2

Following the footsteps of its predecessor, GT Racing 2 offers an authentic car experience on the go. This free to play title has even more vehicles, challenging tracks and is absolutely stunning. From the Ferrari 599 to the Ford GT 500, there are 71 licensed cars to drive and 13 tracks to master. With four camera angles to choose from, you won't miss any of the action.

In this brilliant racing title, your goal is to become a legend. Travel to countries like Rio and Shanghai the game's Career Mode. Put your maneuvering skills to the test in over a thousand events, including Knockouts, Classic Races, Overtakes and intense Duels. Because races occur during different times of the day and under various weather conditions, you can't rely on the sun to light your path.

In this brilliant simulation, there are no repair times or costs to mind. You can play the game as often and as much as you want. And if you're new to the game, you can rely on the Steering and Braking assistance to get an edge over the competition. Play solo to master the tracks and then see how you do against real opponents in multiplayer mode. Once you've identified your strengths and weaknesses, you can then tweak your lean, mean, racing machine in the garage with extensive custom options.

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Beach Buggy RacingBeach Buggy Racing

Vector Unit's Beach Buggy Racing offers all the thrills of Mario Kart on your Android device. This off-road kart title is the sequel to Beach Buggy Blitz and it is bursting with zany power-ups, distinct vehicles and an array of challenging race tracks that will put your maneuvering prowess to the test.

Unlike a lot of mobile racing titles, Beach Buggy Racing features a group of fearsome rivals with distinct looks and preferences. Challenge them to duels in order to convince them to join your team. There's an alien that loves good ol' 1980's sitcoms, a luchador with a penchant for flipping cars and even roller derby riot girl. With Special Abilities as diverse as their personalities, you will surely find a firm favorite in the cast. On top of having a wealth of features, the game is also user-friendly with three control schemes (tilt steering, touch steering and game pad) to choose from.

With well over 30 million players all over the world, Beach Buggy Racing is taking the mobile kart racing crowd by storm. It is suitable for all ages and is free-to-play with optional in-app products. It requires a device with Android OS version 4.0.3 and up.

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