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Looking Beyond Los Santos for ideas and improvements for a potential sequel

45 Years of Greatness

I find it difficult not to be in awe of Grand Theft Auto. I mean, it has a longevity that has been burning strong for sixteen years and has taken us its early 2D universe days to the 3D universes of GTA II and III , right through to the high-definition worlds of GTA IV, Vice City, and GTA V. We’ve gone from a top-top view to a third-person view with some stunning graphics and incredibly detailed open worlds, and lord knows that we have enjoyed every single second of it so far. With Rockstar already admitting that they have enough ideas for another 45 years of Grand Theft Auto, so we can rest easy knowing that Rockstar Games will always have something up their sleeve and won’t be ending the series any time soon, provided the next title isn’t crammed full of a whole 45 year’s worth of ideas and that’s that. So this leaves me to simply get my speculation on about what we would very much love to see next in the Grand Theft Auto lineup. New places, new features, and improvements to the gameplay will be welcome, so let’s discuss in brief these things, shall we?

City to City

Ok, firstly, the obvious thing to desire from Grand Theft Auto 6 is another location, or indeed set of locations, for the game to be set. We’ve seen the series take us to various places in America to London in two different time periods (1961 and 1969), so where would we very much like to see the next one set? Gamerant have an article citing 5 cities we’d want to explore in the sequel, but this is really just an exercise in naming cities.

Of course, wherever we shall go will be a fictional town or city within a real-life country or state, so we can rest easy in this knowledge. Paris, France would be a great city but it feels a little too far removed from the style of the game that this would be unlikely. Tokyo, Rio, and Las Vegas are also incredible ideas (though have been done in the non-HD games previously), though I feel that Brazil would be a more interesting location. London is probably the most likely of the lot, however, since we’ve been there before and we shouldn’t rule out a throwback for the series. Returning to London, UK would definitely be fairly high on everyone’s list of locations that we would very much like to see in the next GTA since the nostalgia value alone would be incredible since it would be reminiscent of the very first era of GTA games with the top-down look. Hey, perhaps there could be a throwback area of London that is viewed from the top down much like the old GTA (optional, of course).

And Then There Were Three...

Though it may seem like a very obvious feature we’d like to see, I just want to reiterate that we most definitely would like the triple-protagonist mechanic to remain, nay, become standard from now in all future Grand Theft Auto Games. Having three protagonists that we can switch between at will exceeded our expectations for the game, so let’s not let this slide, eh Rockstar?

Bored Participant of the Present

The mighty Vice City saw us transported to a 1980’s fake Miami, but the following titles have been set in  the present again and though this isn’t boring as such, we could definitely do with Rockstar dabbling with the fabric of space and time once again. Setting the game either in the past or future would spice up the series a little more and create opportunities for some significantly different storylines and era-specific weapons and industrial surroundings as well as area-specific landmarks and missions. Just think of a game set in the 50’s, a time when mobile phones weren’t even an option and the internet wasn’t even a thing. This would definitely make missions much more interesting, forcing you to utilise payphones in true Sopranos style (the earlier seasons, anyway), and not relying on technology as much to get you through the day. I’m not saying that GTA VI should go black and white or anything, just take us to a timeline when the structure of criminal organisations themselves were different, and the way business gets done is far removed from what we are used to in our cushy, technology-riddles GTA lifestyles. 

Professional, Believable

There is definitely a bit of room for manoeuvre within the Grand Theft Auto games that could be used to brighten up the storylines a little. Perhaps a character could take up a position in office or the US Senate. Gamesradar have even mused about characters becoming the President of the Unites States, and why the hell not, huh? All that we need is some more professions for characters to enter into, though they have to be believable and must fit into whatever storyline Rockstar has us following at the time.

A Better Companion App

I wouldn’t want to detract from the value of Grand Theft Auto V: iFruit entirely, but one has to admit that it isn’t the greatest of apps in terms of its value to the gameplay. The app really has no practical application in the game whatsoever and is instead simply a meagre augmentation of the fun, allowing you to customise your car and take care of/train Chop the dog, the fruits of the latter only visible when playing as Lamar anyway. We would welcome a companion app for Grand Theft Auto 6 but my god, can it be a little more functional next time perhaps? I don’t think it’s a big ask, but perhaps it could be incorporated into some of the missions, perhaps giving you the opportunity to  link up in certain parts of the game on a real-time basis, with the phone allowing you to punch in codes or some other functional act that goes beyond simple car and dog customisation and a parody of Facebook.

Mobile Release Please?

With Rockstar dodging mobile gamers demands for GTA 5 to be released on Android, iOS and Windows surely GTA 6 should be released cross platform to cover mobiles. For example the LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 and the iPhone 5S and upcoming 6 are more than capabale of deliverying a quality 3d action game experience. Let's hope Rockstar expands his horizons to tap into this huge market! (So long as they don't go down the greedy freemium track that is).