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Asphalt 8 AirborneAsphalt 8 Airborne

This is the title that shines best amongst all driving games. Gameloft has gone quite the distance with delivering well detailed cars, amazing controls, and an over-the-top racing experience that is bound to get your blood pumping from the moment that light turns green until the checkered flag comes down. This is road racing at its' flashiest, with the least amount of rules, and a total disregard for the laws of physics - and it is absolutely fun to play.

Want to smash up that leading racer's car? Want to try drifting off a massive jump into an impossible midair tailspin? Want to do an impossible mid-air tailspin then land on top of the leading racer's car to smash it up? You get the picture, this game turns nitro and airtime into dangerous weapons as you send your car off at breakneck speeds and crashing into every opponent that stands in your way. Oh, and did we mention that it just looks so extravagantly flashy all throughout?

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CSR RacingCSR Racing

The world of drag racing takes center stage in CSR Racing as players toss all notion of tight controls and excellent turning to the curb - this game is all about acceleration and nothing else. From getting that perfect gas feed for the perfect start, to timing your gearshifts right down to the last millisecond, Natural Motion's CSR Racing shows players that intricacies of knowing the difference between understanding your engine's rev needs to just blindly following the cues of the shift indicator. Each engine purrs uniquely and each race puts you up against an opponent who wants to do nothing but leave you in the dust. This game is truly competitive from beginning to end.

All the while, everything actually looks finely detailed. While you are busy grinding the necessary credits for tuning your car, you get to enjoy how every single vehicle looks so much like the real thing.

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GT Racing 2GT Racing 2

You can race any way you want in GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience, the sequel to the hit franchise. This free to play mobile racing game offers true-to-life car dynamics that looks good but handles better. Expect a rich selection of the fastest cars in the market with 71 licensed automobiles from 30 world class manufacturers such as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Audi and Dodge.

Are you new to handheld racing? Get an instant boost by utilizing the game's intuitive Steering and Braking assistance. Play solo, multiplayer or join teams to finish shared goals. Improve your skills and even unlock new cars through the various challenges that await you each week. With a total of 13 tracks and a whopping 1,400 events including Duels, Overtakes and Knockouts, you'll have plenty of time to test your racing mettle.

When it comes to true-to-life driving situations, it's as real as it gets in GT Racing 2. Races occur during different times of the day and under different weather conditions. There are four different views to choose from (Near, Far, Bumper and Interior) so you can always keep an eye on the action. The best part is you can keep playing uninterrupted because there are no repair wait times or costs.

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Beach Buggy RacingBeach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing's wealth of power-ups, challenging race tracks and rivals with big personalities make it the kart game to play on mobile devices. Following the footsteps of the popular Beach Buggy Blitz, this gem by Vector Unit is free-to-play and suitable even for kids.

Instead of confining you to boring tracks with shiny cars, Beach Buggy Racing's levels are filled with silly obstacles, cute karts and sand -- lots of sand. Test your maneuvering skills against a number of opponents, each with their own Special Ability. MCSkelly, for instance, can channel the power of famous Davy Jones to past through cars and weapons like a ghost. Disco Jimmy, the romantic dancer-slash-racer has "Dance Fever" which causes his rivals to slow down and do the boogie. There's also Beach Bro, Leilani, El Zipo and other, zany cast members. You will need to clear game areas to be worthy of challenging them; win against your rivals and they'll join your team, ever ready for a kart race.

Rack up Game Center Achievement points and compete with your friends to see who can get the highest leader board scores. With over 30 million fans across the globe, you can be certain that there won't be a shortage of new challengers.

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Ridge Racer SlipstreamRidge Racer Slipstream

Take the action with you anywhere you go with Ridge Racer Slipstream. This arcade racing title from Namco Bandai Games features 12 powerful racing machines, a hundred different ways to customize and 6 different perks. It follows the footsteps of other games in the hit franchise and features 6 Grand Prix campaigns with over a hundred competitions.

Don't have much time to spend racing? Play quick matches and Knockout Races in the game's Arcade Mode. Show off your mad drifting skills and slipstream past skilled rivals to make a name for yourself in Career Mode. Or, if you prefer to race with the best of the best, challenge up to 8 players in the game's multiplayer mode. Meet new friends and earn the respect of your rivals while racing your way to the top. You can even connect using Facebook to share milestones and earn rewards along the way.

Not only does this game have all the twists and turns the series is known for, it also pushes the boundaries when it comes to graphics. Drive in beautifully rendered, realistic locations such as the Harbor Line, Lost Ruins and Industrial Drive maps. Ridge Racer Slipstream is a testament to why the series which was originally conceived on the PS1 has been dubbed as the "ultimate arcade racing franchise".

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Fast & Furious 8 Mobile Game: We Talk About What We'd Like to SeeRidge Racer Slipstream

Fast & Furious: Legacy is an impressive game that delivers well on the "fast", but stumbles a bit on the furious. This means that the next game to focus on the next movie ought to deliver on the second half: furious. Action is a big part of what makes the movies fun to watch and of course successful, there is no reason to not have the same formula for the mobile games. Of course, Legacy has a great thing going for it: a lineup of amazing and well detailed cars. And that is the very foundation of total car porn in video games.

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