Traffic Slam 4 Game

We Want to See Wrecking Balls in Traffic Slam 4

traffic slam 4

The Traffic Slam series has convinced us that crashing into virtual objects is a good thing. Because there are no organics littering the streets, you can run amuck without having to worry about helpless elderly people or children walking around with their cute, four-legged best friends. With handy item pickups you can, and should, destroy other vehicles, office buildings and even Porta Potties that line the streets. Having a bad day at work, Unleash your fury in-game because the more chaos you cause, the better your score in this Destruction Derby inspired browser game. Your car is even rigged with explosives to ensure maximum destruction up to the last second. Continue Reading

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With the introduction of the Shop in Traffic Slam 3, Coins served more purpose. No longer are they just gloat material, earning in-game currency meant that you could upgrade your ride, improve its looks, buy Gadgets or apply stat bonuses to improve your game. Because we think that using a tank, monster truck or plane is pretty rad, we would like to see the Shop retained for the sequel. Better yet, we would like to see sillier wrecking machines such as an ice cream truck, a magical pumpkin carriage or even a UFO. Now that would make for an entertaining rampage in the city.

Being able to transfer vehicles in the middle of a level would also be quite interesting. Is your car nearly wrecked, Use the train to crash into a station and automatically transfer to a racing car parked nearby. Find the walled off construction site and ram the crane to be able to ride it across the city, using the wrecking ball to cause additional damage. Transferring vehicles may be treated the same way as item pickups --strategically placed and limited in nature.

Now how about additional modes, While the default, timed game is fun, it would be great to have something like a "versus mode" wherein you compete with a ghost vehicle to see who can score the most points, running wild in the same city while sharing limited objects may be an exciting prospect for those who have already mastered Traffic Slam's old formula. A more intricate system for this would involve online matches wherein you and another crash car driver compete to collect the most points in real time. Of course, having opponents dropping out should give you a default win and a crate full of in-game cash.

While the game's core mechanics work like a charm, random events should make things more challenging. Aside from working with predictable city traffic, a Mission based on spotting a time travelling phone booth or a specific sports car sounds like something worth replaying stages for. If anything, it adds a unique idea to entertain those who can identify with the pop culture reference.

With three successful crash titles under its belt, the Traffic Slam series has us at the edge of our seats awaiting the next game. We found that decimating an in-game city filled with seemingly paper-thin objects is an irresistible, entertaining concept. Being players of the first Traffic Slam, we can truly say that series has improved so much from the limited, demo-like original game. Even with a single look, it's a no brainer to identify the amount of work that was put into making the latest iteration of this free-to-play 3D game. We truly hope that the fourth game pushes the envelope even further, but for now, we're going to fire up Traffic Slam 3 to satisfy our crash game cravings.