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Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy is back with an explosive sequel! Drive into an action-packed, surprise-filled world of off-road kart racing mayhem. Race against a field of rival drivers, each with unique personalities and special abilities. Build a collection of crazy powerups, like Dodgeball Frenzy, Fireball, and Oil Slick. Unlock and upgrade a variety of cars, from dune buggies to monster trucks. Test your skills in 6 different game modes on 15 imaginative 3D race tracks, against a pack of tropical-loving rivals with a serious case of road rage! This is the official sequel Beach Buggy Blitz, the free driving game with over 30 Million players worldwide. Fast, furious, fun. Beach Buggy Racing is a kart-racing island adventure for all ages.

Release Date: 26/09/2014

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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Play as an Alien Who Loves TV Sitcoms in Beach Buggy Racing

Straight into the Action

While it isn't as customizable as GT Racing 2, Beach Buggy Racing also gives options when it comes to controls. There's a pair of them to choose from, to be exact. For those who want to maximize the use of their device's accelerometer, control scheme A allows you to tilt the device to change your kart's direction. If you're not into holding your device like a steering wheel and looking weird in public, the second control scheme requires you only to touch the left or right side of the screen to turn the kart. These are introduced to you off the bat and you will be given a practice stage to put your chosen settings to the test before an actual race.

Transcending the Mobile Platform

One of Beach Buggy Racing's best features would have to be its clever, mission-based delivery. We say clever because it is console-like in its entertainment value. The key element that makes this effective is the colorful cast of rival drivers which you will need to race against to progress to the next race track. The fun part comes in when you challenge these guys to a one on one duel which unlocks them for use when they are successfully beaten. From Rez, a quiet guy who lets his driving do the talking to McSkelly, a ghostly pirate that loves fast karts and loose treasure, you've got a diverse cast of characters to choose from.

That being said, characters do not only give you options in terms of looks, it also gives you choices in terms of their special abilities. So although the main character's Burning Rubber skill is great, our favorite would have to be B'Zorp the alien who not only loves television sitcoms from the 80's, he also has Telezorp (locks on to one target ahead and teleports you into their position) equipped.

Skills that Matter

In order to use a character's special ability, you will need to build up the skill meter on the left. To use a booster, you need only to pick one up. Just like in Mario Kart, driving through one will earn you a random item. Where the roulette stops, nobody knows, but it will of course be in your best interests to make good use of whichever power up you end up with. While most of them are used offensively such as the Oil Slick or the Fireball, you can rely on the Shield to defend you against the attacks of your pesky enemies.

Of course, what racing game would be complete without a collection of cars and upgrades to unlock? As this is a kart racing game, don't expect licensed vehicles from manufacturers like Ferrari or Ford. Instead, you'll be getting monster trucks and moon buggies. That's actually a good thing as it caters to a bigger crowd. From the young to those who are young at heart, the cartoony vehicles fit right in with the fun beach setting.

When it comes to looks, Beach Buggy Racing is middling. With its chunky cartoon look, it is certainly distinguishable. The character models resemble Muppets in a way, but they do look cute and they fit in well with the rest of the design elements. The stage designs are unique, with obstacles such as fruit stands scattered about to bring your speed down a notch.

A Different Kind of Gaming

Depending on what you're after, Beach Buggy Racing may just end up being your favorite kart racing title on a handheld. It has set missions so it won't drive completionists crazy; it has a cute cast of characters; and you are not forced to spend a dime on it -- that's a real feat when it comes to free-to-play games. Just by being patient, you can blast through the stages only by using what you can earn for free. On the other hand, some levels are so challenging that you may be tempted to speed up the process with some real life money.

The Verdict: Comes with a Price

If you're worried about your little ones accidentally buying a pack of premium currency, then you may want to take a look at your device's settings. Expect ads too, which is to be expected but they do have the annoying quality of playing spontaneously. Although they will never interrupt you while you are in the middle of a race, the negative impact could have been done away with just by offering a chance to earn virtual goods for viewing said ads. This particular strategy has been in use for a while and it has, so far, been successful in encouraging people to see adds all the way through.

So is Beach Buggy for you? If you're looking for an enjoyable title that shares a few things with Mario Kart, then we say give it a try. You can play the game all the way through without spending anything. As long as you're patient, that is.


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Beach Buggy Racing is developed by Vecto Unit.

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