CSR 3 Racing: Development News

CSR Racing 2 is a game by Natural Motion Games, a studio owned by Zynga. Zynga have recently announced their expansion with a new studio opening up in Birmingham in the UK as part of Natural Motion which are dedicated to developing racing games. This could mean they are developing CSR Racing 3 or another car title. You can read their announcement here. It's been 3 years since the second game in the series launched so fans are kean to see what Natural Motion are currently working on. We will keep you updated here.

Find Out Why CSR Classis is Worth A Go In the Mean Time

Can a Plymouth Road Runner beat a Lancia Stratos in a straight race? Regardless of how people decide to answer that question, you can be the one to determine the real answer in CSR Classics. This visually impressive drag racing game is all about bringing your best gear shifting skills to the track and leaving all opponents in the dust. The game features a large line up of impressive classic cars, beautifully rendered tracks, and a gameplay mechanic that is simple enough to understand but deep enough to make the quest for mastery a worthwhile endeavor.

Classics Lets You Drag Race With Vintage Cars

CSR Classics game play

There are already plenty of good racing games on the mobile (with Asphalt 8 Airborne currently being one of the top contenders), so a game like CSR Classics might be easily passed up. However, this is one pretty unique racing game that manages to carve out a niche for itself for taking on a completely new game mechanic: drag racing. While most racing games will have you keeping an eye out for course shortcuts, learning to use drift and slipstream mechanics, CSR is all about bringing the best power and acceleration an engine can muster in order to get you to the finish line.

CSR Classics is a drag race simulation game for the mobile platform that, as the title states, features classic vehicles. This means that you will not be racing the latest offerings from Ferrari or Lamborghini, instead, you will have to pick among the best cars of the previous generation. The result is pretty amazing. This is one of the few games where you get to see a Chervolet Impala go toe to toe with a Corvair Corsa -and you get to do the driving.

Driving is a term loosely used in this game however, as you do less driving than you do ‘timed screen tapping'. There are no tight corners nor large banking turns to make, in fact there is no steering at all. The only controls that you have are gas, nitro, and the gear shift (which moves only up or down). The races are all straight courses and players have to get to the finish line in the fastest possible time that they can. This means knowing when to step on the gas, and more importantly, when to shift gears. Shift too early and your acceleration will slow down, shift too late and you waste precious seconds of speed.

Upgrades Mean Everything

There are two states of each car in the game before you acquire them: loved, and unloved. These classifications basically mean that loved cars are those that have been maintained over the years. As such, when you purchase or win them, they are in great condition and are already set up with a few useful mods. Unloved cars are those that were pretty much ignored and left to rust -they are cheap to purchase (relatively speaking that is), but will take a lot of investments in terms of upgrades and body fixes before they match up to the cars you are up against.

Choosing between the two is a simple matter of having resources. If you like grinding a lot, then going for the unloved cars is an easy choice. But if you not mind tossing in some real bucks for a little bit of premium currency, then you jump ahead of the process line and acquire a loved car instead. Note that even when loved, a car is not automatically set to its' maximum stats, there will still be a few upgrade tiers that you can acquire to make the car perform even better.

And upgrading is where the real difference is. Two cars in the same tier can still be vastly different in performance is one is using stock (or lesser) parts while the other is upgraded with new equipment. Since the game's basic mechanics are quite easy to master, it is nearly impossible to beat a fully upgraded opponent by compensating with skill - you will always need a good car in this game.

Bit of a Storyline

As you progress up the tiers, the game provides players with a bit of a story to indulge in. Here, you take on the role of a new racer trying to make their way to the top of a secret league of gang leaders. As expected, your reputation is increased by beating them in races. With each gang boss that you defeat, the story moves further and you get access to more vehicles and races with better prizes.

Nostalgia Trip

Natural Motion has produced a great car racing game that anyone can play thanks to its very easy mechanics. The visuals look impressive, and it really caters to the whole classic car gimmick as can appreciate each vehicle that you obtain. Of course, the people who will appreciate this game the most will be the car aficionados who have their favorite classic vehicles.

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