CSR Racing Walkthrough & Tips for Mobile

A few pointers and snippets of information to accelerate your drag racing progress

Hinting For Tips

I don’t often get involved in urban drag races against members from five street racing gangs, but when I do, it’s a simulated experience brought to me by CSR Racing. As one of the most popular racing apps causing a stir amongst the app stores of both iOS and Android devices at the moment, CSR Racing from Boss Alien is sure to be bringing this narrow racing niche to the masses, with millions enjoying the unique 30-second races that are over before you can even get your bearings, though this is the way I like it. No endless looping around boring laps; no getting frustrated about being knocked into the grass by other opponents; just pure drag racing with upgrades and purchases in between. However, CSR Racing is a game based quite heavily on in-app purchases, and, if you’re not willing to part with your cash, a whole load of grinding race after race until you can afford upgrades to improve your vehicle and make more progress. In response to the difficult nature of making progress in the game, I have compiled a series of hints and tips from various sources such as myself and other capable owners of the game in order to make your progress smooth , or at least get more bang for your buck in the game.

Basic Instinct

First things first: let’s get the basics out of the way, shall we? These may seem like obvious points, but performing the basics of starting a race, accelerating properly, and knowing how to use nitro can be a vital component in winning a race before you even have to think about applying swathes of expensive upgrades to your vehicle. Here are the main phases of the race and how to perform them perfectly to make your vehicle travel faster.

1.      Launch Phase

As the countdown for the race descends towards zero, it’s a good idea to rev your car, but take note of the small light flashing red and green between the tachometer and gear display: this is important in getting you the best start possible. Try to tap the accelerator pedal in a manner that ensures the light is green when the race begins. Remember, the accelerator doesn’t have to pressed down when the race begins; the only thing that matters is the rpm indicator is at a level that causes the light to be green when the race starts. If you can achieve this, it results in a ‘perfect start’, which starts you off with greater speed and is worth more money at the end of the race.

2.      Gear Changing

This is the main part of the race after beginning where things are pretty self explanatory. You simply have to change gear when the green shift indicator light flashes. If you can do this, it will result in a ‘perfect shift’, which again results in faster speeds and more money at the conclusion of the race.

3.      Nitrous

This won’t matter for the first few races since you won’t have upgraded to nitrous unless you bought some in-game currency. Boost simply by pressing the N2O button on the left of the display. Wheel spins are best used when you aren’t currently engaged in a wheel spin (they just prolong the wheel spin if anything).

General Tips for Getting Ahead

Now, this isn’t a comprehensive guide that will reveal everything about the game such as this CSR Racing Guide at Gamefaqs, but here are a few of the best ways to garner an advantage in the game. Please note that many of the “cheats” you will find on the internet have been nullified due to an update to the game which prevents you from using them.

Time/Date Manipulation

As far as I know, the manipulating of the time and date on your iPhone to trick the game into thinking enough time has passed to replenish your races, gold, fuel, and vehicles/parts. You can still try to do this, but I’m almost certain this doesn’t work anymore

Daily Races

This isn’t a cheat by any means, but simply a reminder to take advantage of the daily races, the prize money for the winning of which is quite impressive and will allow you to amass more money than simply involving yourself in the main races against the different gang members. Losing can also reward you with money, so it’s kind of a win/win situation, the only difference being how much you win each time.

Ladder Races

These are again a great resource if you’re finding it hard to amass cash for upgrades. Though losing these races gives you minute quantities of cash, winning them yields decent sums and even though the difficulty increases as you win these races, it isn’t by huge increments any many of these races can be won purely through getting perfect starts and perfect shifts.


For some reason, there is a blatantly obvious decal bonus if your car has some painted customisations on it during the race. Though these do have to be purchased for different sums of money in the customise menu, they are relatively reasonable in price and yield a bonus after every race you win, making them well worth the extra cash.


It may be annoying for you, but inviting friends to play and signing in with Facebook yields extra gas and one piece of gold respectively. Not to be sniffed at considering how difficult (or costly) it is to earn gold otherwise.

Taking Advantage of the Tiers

Though losing races in the lower tiers doesn’t really do very much for your bank balance, the money increases the more you go up the tiers. Losing races in Tier 5 for example, yields a hell of a lot of cash compared to the lower tiers so it may be worth hanging on and working your way up the tiers until you get to tier 4 or 5 where reward money even for losing is considerable.