Daytona Rush Mobile Game for Android & iOS

Daytona Rush

Simple Controls

  • Switch lanes with a single tap or swipe
  • Overtake opponents and avoid collisions
  • Save fuel by drafting to reach the pit stop and refuel

Level Up for The Cup

  • Level up in 5 series by completing missions
  • Earn reputation points in Nightly Races
  • Unlock faster high level cars and drive further!

Release Date: 01/02/2016

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 3.9/5

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Tune Your Car

  • Upgrade engine to reduce fuel consumption
  • Enhance the running gear for quicker lane change
  • Strengthen the chassis to survive more collisions
  • Change colour and paint jobs to suit your taste

Play On Android TV

  • Drive with the controller or the remote
  • User interfaced tailored for TVs


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Daytona Rush is developed by Invictus.

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