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Dubai Drift

In Dubai Drift you will be playing online against millions of players enjoying this game all around the world. Drift around our amazing arenas in a great collection of sporting and racing cars all having realistic physics. You want crazy drifting action, we be bring it! If you have had your fill of flappy flappity tap or insanely angry birds, the clashing of clans, or crushing of overly sweet candy, then step up to Dubai Drift for high action, extra excitement, testosterone pumping, and more adrenaline pounding gaming action than any other game. This free racing game will have your pistons and your fist pumping.

Release Date: 26/06/2014

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.1/5

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Be A Drifting Collector With Awesome Car Collections: Drift with the most desired cars on the planet. Tell us which car you want and we'll add them in the game!!

Brag Your Drifting: Don't let the crazy inside you go unnoticed. Record your drifting and post it on YouTube & Facebook & Twitter or email it to a friend. Show everyone your skills and drifting madness!

Clash Online: Take the thrill online by challenging your friends over the internet. Non-stop online action without ever having to wait for players to join you. Upto 4 cars in the arena.

Exciting Locations In Exotic Dubai : 24 hours of non-stop action packed arena in Dubai Drift. Let your 4 wheel monsters drift around the exciting locations of exotic Dubai, the land of wonders.

Cross Platform: Now your friends can't make any excuses for not having the game in the same platform. Clash and smash cross platform!

Adrenaline Filled Drifting: Energize your drifting by using NOS, color your smokes, paint your ride or just drift fire out of your car. Dubai Drift is performance enhanced!

Drift Cam: Cease the moment, slow down the bullet. Now you can grease every second of that awesome drift with the slow-mo. Drift Cam also always focuses on the cones. making you stay focused.

True Drifting: Dubai Drift physics lets you take full charge of the drifting, just as you would in real life.


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Dubai Drift is developed by Zero Four LLC.

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