Fast and Furious 6 Mobile Game for Android and iOS

Fast and Furious 6

Step into the world of Fast & Furious 6. Earn cash and the respect of the "Fastest" drivers as you drift and drag through the London street racing scene. Join the Fast & Furious crew as they prepare to take on a series of jobs in an all new heist mode. Fast & Furious 6: The Game takes mobile racing to new heights with stunning graphics, new game modes, addictive online races and exciting ride or die missions.

Release Date: 07/06/2013

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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Join the Fast &Furious 6 Crew: Take down a crew of lethally skilled mercenary drivers to earn respect as you drift and drag through the streets of London.

Your Rides: Collect, customize and upgrade a variety of high end licensed cars including vehicles from the movie Fast & Furious 6 - all featuring stunning graphics.

Pull Off One Last Job: Earn gold and coins by pulling thrilling heists with the Fast & Furious 6 crew.

Compete: Rule tournaments, race online, or join a crew and take on the world by dominating the global leaderboards.


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Fast and Furious 6 is developed by Kabam.

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