Fast & Furious 7 Mobile Game: Fuses 3 Minigames into a Single Racing Title

Fast and Furious 7

For those of you who have seen Vin Diesel's amazing action movie series about fast cars and out of this world stunts: this is Fast & Furious Legacy, and it is worth playing. Not that you have to be a fan of the movies to like the game in the first place (title familiarity certainly helps though), Legacy sports impressive graphics, accessible game features, and a simplified system that is designed to accommodate people who have never played a single game their entire lives. Of course, this level of accessibility does alienate core racers (who may just want to stick around for the awesome cars).

Release Date: 07/04/2015

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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Three Simple Ways

Fast & Furious: Legacy is a car-driving simulation with three vastly different game modes. Unlike racing games that allow you full control of a car's steering, Legacy plays more like mini-games with limited controls and automated functions.

The three modes are Street, Drift, and Drag. The drag racing system is very reminiscent of CSR (or as some would say, an exact copy of it) -you feed it gas to rev up the engine, then once the race starts, all you have to do is to perfectly time the shifting of the gears. For drift mode, you simply slide the car back and forth to have it drift as accurately as possible. Lastly, Street is a 'racing' event that is actually more of an endless runner: you swipe left and right as you move the car from one lane to another while avoiding obstacles in your way.

On paper, all of that sounds particularly disappointing (or even depressing). But the good thing is that despite the simplified game modes, it is still actually quite fun. The drag mode is on the same level of polish as that of CSR's mechanics, while drifting is a actually a pretty neat way to present the driving technique to people who are new to it. And while the street mode may seem a little too basic, the occasional police-chases will keep you on your seat and tune out the repetitiveness.

Legacy has Licensed Cars

Those four words alone should be a big enough reason to keep an eye on this game regardless of whether you like American Muscle or Japanese Tuner cars. Subaru, Ford, and plenty of other big name car brands are all present and accounted for in the game -if you saw in the movies, chances are, you will find it here.

Of course, just having an official permit to bear the license of a car is not all there is to it. The cars have to actually look realistic, and they do. Despite being an app game, the devs at Kabam have pulled off an amazing degree of likeness to the real thing -down to each line and curve of the chassis. These cars look amazing when they pop up on your mobile device.

The secret lies not in the just the models and textures (which are pretty good), but mostly in the lighting and the animations. The way light and reflections are bounced off the vehicles makes it seem like they are truly there, and more importantly, the way each car bounces lightly on its' suspension, how the frame seems to rattle ever so slightly while cruising at high speeds give the sense of realism that these amazing cars need and deserve.

Busy Diesel

Sadly, despite all the amazing cars, fans of the films will be disappointed to know that Dom (Vin Diesel) will not be appearing in the game; same goes for Brian and Sean. Instead, we get the supporting cast of major recurring characters -Letty, Roman, Tej, and even Twinkie. That's a good level of representation for all the films (including Tokyo Drift). Though it is a shame that we will never get to play police tag with Hobbs, or try to chase down Ian Shaw; in this regard, that's a massive missed opportunity for the game.

While several of the races and missions pay homage to the events of the movies, you do not get to recreate some of the most exciting events (pulling a house-sized safe on highways, running from tanks, chasing planes). So yes, the game is good and exciting, but it still falls a little short of recreating the same amount of thrill that you would get from seeing the movies.

The Verdict: Nice Game Needs More Stuff

As expected of a game like there this: there is a paywall. There's a lot of good stuff (namely, cars and upgrade parts) that can be easily acquired by ponying up some cash. But if you want to grind the hard way, that is also completely possible. On that end, the game remains fun regardless of how you play -just expect that folks playing with premium content have a serious edge.

The movie tie-in is pretty weak at points where it counts -story, character presense, mission diversity, and even the soundtrack. But as a car game, Legacy gives more than expected: namely, a plethora of really amazing cars you can either stare at or bring out for races. The mini-game approach is certainly going to disappoint several folks, but it is worth trying out first. Overall, Fast & Furious: Legacy is a pretty good game for car-junkies to have.

Rating: 85/100

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Fast and Furious 7 is developed by Kabam.