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Smash CopsSmash Cops

We have to admit, Smash Cops is one of our guilty pleasures (and chances, are, it will be yours too). There’s actually a lot to dislike about the game –the need for power-ups in the later stages pretty much serves as a paywall, the two control schemes feel a little too wild, the randomness of the traffic makes some of the stages feels a lot like you are doing a lot of trial and error, and the enemy AI seems to have such really awesome steering skills (while friendly AI keeps bumping into you). And despite all that, the game is still tons of fun to play. So what makes Smash Cops so outrageously worth your time?

The sheer fact that you are a cop, you are chasing down criminals, and you get to smash anything in your way. Most games places players in the driver’s seat of a getaway vehicle or something some other illegally-purposed car. This makes your digital mayhem feel a lot like wanton violence. Smash Cops on the other hand, makes you the cop. This means that no matter how many cars you smash, and how many other things you destroy along the way: you are in the right. And seriously, it makes the feeling of taking down the target vehicles at the end of each stage all the more satisfying.

The game does get a little repetitive at some points, so the little side breaks in between are quite helpful. Despite the game’s slightly difficult curve, it throws a few training missions your way and allows you to get a better grip on the car’s handling capabilities (do note that different cars handle acceleration and turning differently). From evidence gathering missions to race-type stages, the variety helps a lot. And the best part of it all is that the limited number of stages means that you will finish the game before the feeling of repetitiveness actually kicks in.

Visually, this game is stunning. While not on the same tier as Asphalt 8’s combination or realistic graphics with amazingly detailed stages, Smash Cops is stunning in it’s own right. Think of it as a deluxe version of a Micro Machines game, complete with all the little trimmings that makes the game so addictively satisfying to play. Lastly, the particle and explosion effects achieved when you successfully smash up other vehicles is also impressive and it is pretty much everything you need to tell you why this game is one of our favorites.

Smash BanditsSmash Bandits

We’re gonna go and put this back to back with Smash Cops because obviously, the two games go together. Both freemuim games are plagued by the same problems that are present in the other, thougb Smash Bandits increases the annoyance factor by putting in jail every few runs –penalizing your resources badly. This means that if all of your runs in between are not so good, then you will not be able to earn much at all. Now, the reason we are opening with that complaint is the fact that it is the only thing that is bringing this game down.

Also like Smash Cops, Bandits is a massive free game worth hours of fun and enjoyment that is caused by speeding through populated digital cities and causing as much mayhem and damage as you can. While the original game’s premise was all about chasing down the criminals, this game turns you into the hunted and you must continuously elude the cops while destroying as many things as you can. It is fun, simple, and the game lends itself nicely to the medium.

The touch screen controls are the same as before –which is a totally great thing. You get a nice full view of the road ahead, turns are easy to make, and making use of powerups in order to turn the tide in the middle of a chase is nothing short of intuitive. Again, the problem lies in the fact that the freemium model means that power-ups are hard to come by (this game would have really been better as a purchased title), but skill and a bit of luck will still get you through most of the game’s stages.

The visual aspect, is once again, the main draw point of this game. Not only are the game mechanics pretty addictive, the delivery is so flawlessly complementary of the action that it feels quite natural when you see it unfold right before your eyes. We love the way that the control schemes have been designed in order to keep the fingers out of the main action (though we prefer the directional stick style since the default bottom drag setup means that cars approaching from behind sometimes gets blocked by your hand). Lastly, the game’s many stages and myriad gameplay styles (at some points, you can switch from a car to a boat) means that the replay value of Smash Bandits will keep you happy for weeks on end.