Rally Racer Drift Mobile Game for Android

Rally Racer Drift

The best rally experience so far! You will fill the roads with dust thanks to specially developed car physics and effective drift system for you to feel the real rally experience. 8 Different cars are waiting for you to step on yhe gas! Thanks to the realistically recreated cars, you will feel the speed and action in your veins.

Release Date: 24/07/2014

Available on: Android

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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Somebody said drift: No need to look for adventure, with the control system which is specialized for the touch screens, drifting is more fun and consistent like never before.

Doesn't matter on which device you play on: Rally Racer Drift has so many optimizations for low level devices. You will experience the premium quality graphics without compromising performance.

Competition Is Good: You shouldn't race all those kilometers on your own! With the realtime multiplayer support, in addition to your friends, players from all around the world will be waiting to compete with you on exciting races.


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Rally Racer Drift is developed by VO DIGITAL ARTS.

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