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Real Racing 2 sets the pace as the most critically-acclaimed racing simulation on Android. Speed away with hours of high-performance gameplay, cutting-edge graphics, and intuitive controls. Experience the excitement, competition, and glory of authentic championship racing with Real Racing 2!

Release Date: 06/02/2012

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows

App Store Rating: 3.9/5

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A Short review of one of the greatest racing simulators to ever grace your mobile device

How do I put this in comprehendible terms: there’s ice cream, and then there’s Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. There’s generic brand chocolate spread and then there’s Nutella. In the very same comparative fashion, there are racing games, and then there is Real Racing 2. Far more than just a casual spin around a track for a few laps, Real Racing 2 is the sequel to the immensely successful original that brings us more cars, more high-speed action, and more ultra-realistic simulation of the racing profession that fits in the palm of our hands, which we will be tilting and rotating frantically to keep up with the harsh corners and hectic pace of the whole thing.

Roughness to Refinement, Refinement to Realism

There was a time – a very dark, desolate, and unenlightened time in my youth – that I couldn’t get around to appreciating the racing simulator genre. Whilst my friends barked on ad nauseum about Gran Turismo, I was more of a Half-Life fan and an enjoyer of games that allowed you to fire guns and generally shoot people in the face in the most brutal way possible. I remained this way for years until I began to reach out to the olive branch that the destructive racing genre extended to me. Games like Crash N Smash Derby entertainment me on the flash game front while Grand Theft Auto had the back of the side of me that enjoyed shooting and driving simultaneously. As I grew older, and dare I say it, more refined in my tastes, I began hankering for something with a little more realism. This realism washed over me when I picked up the original Real Racer for my iPhone, almost drowning me in realistic racing simulation but in the very best way possible. The inevitable Real Racer 2 made its way into the app store a good while afterwards, and needless to say, I was hooked from the title menu.


The amazing career mode, selection of cars, and multiplayer mode aside, it is the gameplay where Real Racer 2 initially shines its insanely bright light of brilliance. Those whose experience with Real Racer 2 is their first with the series in general will be delighted to learn that this is a racing sim that is extremely loyal to realism, though not so much that it becomes too difficult to enjoy; the result is a first-person view with fully-working speedometer and tachometer possessing dials that twitch accordingly with your actions.

Using the phone itself to control the steering through tilting left and right is of course the greatest steering mechanic you can possibly hope for in a racing game. Real Racer 2 is noticeably improved from its predecessor, with every turn responding loyally to each tilt of the iPhone and acceleration/braking following each tap of the screen. You will find yourself having to carefully ease into corners, letting up on the accelerator and even having to tap the brake a little so you can maintain control of the vehicle before you gently accelerate back into the remainder of the turn.

Progress and Rewards

Real Racer 2’s general pace and progression through the game is also as perfect as you can hope for. Though in the initial stages you may struggle to win every race, it is the ability to progress without being a master racer that makes it such a great game to play. Of course, playing and replaying races allows you to amass cash for upgrades to your car so that you can improve its various features to make it more worthy for intermediate and difficult races. This means you can go back and play through the various cups , events, and challenges, emerging victorious after having only applied a few upgrades to your vehicle.

And boy are there a lot of vehicles. You’ll find thirty cars to experience in total from the 2010 BMW M3 and the 2010 Jaguar RSR XKR GT to the 2008 VW Scirocco R and an end-game reward of a 1995 McLaren F1 GTR when you finish career mode.

Multiplayer and Conclusion

As if the single-player facets of the game aren’t brilliant enough, you’ve only got a 16-vehicle multiplayer to get to grips with as well, which plays just as well as the single player but allows you to pit your skills against racers across the world. The multiplayer experience is just as great as the single player one, but it’s just more exciting playing against actual players rather than computer-simulated opponents. You may notice a bit of lag and some framerate issues when playing online, but today’s iPhone 5S can handle the game with absolutely no problem at all.

And so we reach the conclusion of an article that simply gushes about Firemint’s Real Racer 2 at every turn. You may scoff at such praise of the game, but it isn’t until you actually come around to play it that you will realise I am not speaking superlatively here: I am merely stating a series of truths. Real Racer 2 has improved on its predecessor in literally every aspect of the gameplay, from the handling of the car to the multiplayer and the selection of cars. You will find yourself progressing at a pace that almost evolves to your every skill set and ability, and upgrading allows you to go back and dominate earlier races. Real Racer 2 is everything that a sequel should be and much, much more. There is a reason that this game has received such critical acclaim and support from fans across the world, making it the very best choice of racing game on any mobile device ever (until you discover Real Racing 3, that is).


If you need help with getting to grips with racing in Real Racing 2 why not check out our beginners walkthrough.


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Real Racing 2 is developed by Fire Monkeys.

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