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Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is an award-winning franchise that sets a new standard for mobile racing games – it really must be experienced to be believed.

Officially Licensed Track

Real Racing 3 features a continuously expanding roster of officially licensed tracks, a 22-car grid, and over 100 meticulously detailed cars from manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Chevrolet, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, and Audi. Plus Real-Time Multiplayer, Social Leaderboards, Time Trials, Ghost Challenges, and innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM) technology, allowing you to race anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Real Cars

Take the wheel of over 100 intensely detailed vehicles from iconic manufacturers like Ford, Aston Martin, McLaren, Koenigsegg and Pagani, and test your skills on an authentic 22-car race grid – the most epic racing experience on any handheld.

Release Date: 28/02/2013

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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A little look at the latest title that forms the head of the greatest and most popular body of racing simulators for mobile devices out there

If you’re someone that really enjoys a good bit of “real”with their racing, there’s no way that the Real Racing series isn’t for you, and it just so happens that the massively famous and justifiably popular series has a third instalment out ready to rinse you of you spare time and absolutely hammer whichever mobile device you choose to use’s processing capabilities to kingdom come. Expect more cars and more tracks with less (i.e. no) initial expense and more in-app purchases, but above all, you’d be silly to expect anything less than racing greatness.

Back Without a Price Tag (I’m Suspicious)

What’s this I see? Real Racer 3 appearing for free in the app store on my precious little iPhone? Surely this must be some mistake;a clerical error, perhaps? Well, this was my thinking for quite the while until I realised that the thing had happened that I had been hoping wasn’t going to happen for all my Real Racing years: Firemonkeys Studios along with publisher EA have gone and caved to the pressure of freemium. Now, I have mixed feelings about the freemium model at best: it can either be a minor feature to be ignored in a game or it can literally ruin the whole experience. So, which is it going to be, Real Racing 3? Are you going to follow in the tyre tracks of Real Racing and Real Racing 2, your impeccable predecessors that literally define and conquer the racing simulator genre? Or are you going to be frustratingly freemium and disappoint us all? I chose to believe that the former would be true upon entering into the uncharted territory of a free-to-download Real Racer, and no matter what the particulars of the in-app purchases, Real Racing 3 would be (and indeed is) the very best racing simulator of all time. Let us begin.

Familiar and New

To start with in Real Racing 3, we have the usual procedure that feels familiar to us in the form of purchasing cars and entering races at will, or more accurately, at the discretion of the game which in order to further the realism of the whole thing now has certain licensed tracks for specific vehicles only. We see a return of tracks like Brands Hatch’s Indy Circuit, Bathurst, and Silverstone, all ready to be torn up by whichever car that you can afford to purchase in the outset, though you’ll have to own certain cars to be able to grace certain tracks with them. Take note of the experience points-like system known as “driver level”in the game;these points are accrued with every race you enter into and go towards you being eventually acknowledges as an actual professional racing driver (in the context of the game of course).

Whether the new “time-shifted”multiplayer AI is a gimmick or not has already been found out by anyone who has played the game to a little bit disappointing, letting us down on the promise of increased intelligence based on the performance data of real-life players being applied to our races. Still, the AI isn’t exactly a breeze to conquer and will challenge most casual players to a degree that will both frustrate and prompt them to become better at the game. Back to the familiar once again with the controls though, and this couldn’t be more welcome since the tilt-to-steer system has always been nothing but sublime and it continues to be so in Real Racing 3.

Stars in Unreasonably Priced Cars

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And so we come to the inevitable discussion of the freemium model. Inevitable because well, publisher EA and developer Firemonkeys have made it such by pulling an unexpected U-turn and basing the entire gaming model on it. This means that even though the choice of cars has become more generous –players can look forward to driving cars from a collection of seventy three in total including the McLaren F1, the Bentley Continental Supersports, the Porsche 918 Spyder Concept, and Lexus LFA –it is the pricing that has changed this time around. As of the most recent update to the game, you now unlock the cars by winning a minimum number of races, but to purchase them costs differing quantities of the R$ in-game currency.

Also costing you in-game currency are the general necessities involved in racing such as the servicing of your car or the upgrading of parts, with these time-consuming processes taking much less time (i.e. no time at all) if you decide to part with more of your cash. Luckily, you can get pretty much everything done as a free-to-play user, but not-so luckily you will simply have to wait much longer than those spending their actual money on the game’s coins and R$ currency.

A Brilliance Overshadowed

To tell you the truth, Real Racing has always been the greatest racing simulator out there, and Real Racing 3 does continue this greatness. The game still has impeccable graphics with only minor flaws like lack of anti-aliasing, amazing gameplay, hyper-realistic driving controls, and a huge range of cars. Unfortunately, the whole experience is almost completely negated and dare I say tarnished by the freemium model, which has essentially changed nothing about what the game delivers to you but everything about how it delivers it. And it delivers it at an expense far greater than any initial pricing would have been. It’s such a shame this had to happen, because underneath the finances, Real Racing 3 is still a beast of a racing sim.



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Real Racing 3 is developed by Electronic Arts Inc.