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Reckless Getaway

Who’d a thought robbing the bank would be the easy part? Now comes the real challenge - to escape with your hard-earned loot and the fuzz hot at your heels! Weave in and out of oncoming traffic; dodge, outrun or ram pursuing police cars and just generally crash, smash and thrash your way through 16 varied levels.

Release Date: 11/08/2013

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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Escaping from a robbery has never been so simultaneously entertaining and stylish

On-Road Mayhem

Isn’t it just a drag when you have to abide by the law when on the road? Unless you’ve been convicted of a driving offence or plan on breaking the laws of the road anytime soon, then I’m sure your answer to this question is yes, yes it is a drag to have to go 30mph down a road that is clearly more like a 60. That’s just the way it is though, so one must look elsewhere for road-based thrill. This not-so subtly brings us to ways in which you can go a little bit crazy on the roads, though I’m not talking about Grand Theft Auto here. Oh no, that’s far too obvious. I’m actually talking about Reckless Getaway (if you didn’t manage to guess this from the title of the article then I’m surprised you’re even breathing right now), which just so happens to be one of the most stylish and downright addictive driving games of the top-down persuasion. Expect explosions, action, and general road-based mayhem as you attempt several getaways from the police accompanied by a reckless disregard for the safety of yourself and others. This is my kind of game.

Less Race, More Chase

I’d like to just straighten things out there and remind you that this isn’t a racing game, but rather an exercise in escaping the authorities in a manner as stylish and destructive as possible. The game is broken down into 4 different sections which are effectively just 4 different robberies; each section has 4 different getaway levels that you must escape from the police in. Because this isn’t a racing game, your progress isn’t measure by pure speed of completion or by overtaking anyone in particular. Instead, stars are earned at the end of each level (up to a maximum of four), the number of which you get is based on your destructive actions during the level, how well you managed to shake off the police that are chasing you, and the different power-ups you collect throughout.

Physics Phenomenon

The gameplay itself is really where the game stands out most from other classic flash-based getaway games such as Lose The Heat. One of the main aspects of said gameplay is that you don’t have to worry about accelerating or braking since this is performed by the game. This is more of a manoeuvring affair for the player, with either tilt controls or on-screen left and right buttons allowing you to perform the necessary evasive moves that will let you dodge cars and pick up the powerups that you desire.

While this sort of getaway gameplay has been done before on this platform by games like Asphalt Car Racing, the physics that underpin the action are very unique. Developers Pixelbite clearly thought about the best way to make the game as over-the-top and eccentric as possible through the physics, which are unusual and fairly loose, with the car feeling almost like it’s floating as it responds to your controlling input. The result is a game that can be outrageously fun and unpredictable, though it is very difficult to get the hang of at first because the car doesn’t respond with absolute fidelity as it does in say Real Racing. Small mistakes such as knocking into something even gently can cause you to spiral into a spin and effectively ruin the level, but this is all part of the learning curve which I am ready to accept as a trade-off for such a fantastic concept and unusual feel.

Art Attack

The unique aesthetic is the only thing second to the fantastic gameplay in Reckless Getaway, with the opening menu/cut-scenes reminding me heavily of the insanely brilliant XIII with its comic book-like flare and unique shading. The action is a little more 3D than said game however, giving the visual field a little more depth as you are racing through your surroundings. The colour scheme is also wonderfully vibrant in huge contrast to the post-apocalyptic racing game Road Warrior Racing. 

The only noticeable downside of the game is the structure of your progression through the levels, which is restricted by how many stars you earn at the end of each stage. If you didn’t earn enough then you do not unlock the later levels, so it is fairly restrictive in that sense. You could view this as an incentive to drive even more recklessly though, using your skill and encouraging you to have as much fun as possible to unlock your way to newer and more interesting stages.

Nothing to Dislike

There truly isn’t anything to dislike about this game, whether it is the brilliantly-shaded aesthetic or the eccentric and destructive gameplay. This game is easy to pick up and play but I’ll be damned if I can put it down after a mere half an hour. As addictive as it is explosive, Reckiless Getaway isn’t going to satisfy a hunger for realistic driving action but it is more than filling enough to satiate anyone looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary.

Our Game Rating: 80/100


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Reckless Getaway is developed by Polarbit.