Road Warrior Racing Walkthrough & Tips for Mobile

A few pointers and gentle information titbits from a fellow fan of the furiously frantic multiplayer racing game

Utter Destruction

Destruction. This is one of the words that comes to mind when thinking about Mobjoy’s  Road Warrior Racing, and even more so with the multiplayer version because it is no longer simply artificial intelligence we are playing against: these are real people with lives and jobs and aspirations, and you’re about to crush their hopes and dreams by zeroing in your crosshair on their vehicle and blasting them to buggery and beyond. It’s ok though: these players knew what they were getting themselves in for when they signed up (literally, or they logged into Facebook; either way, they entered into this willingly) for this game. It would make little sense for those struggling with the game to simply give up immediately though, particularly if one has spent any real-life money on acquiring any of the in-game currency to get ahead. It would be a waste to simply give up, so I’ve taken it upon my silly self to go and compile just a short list of fairly basic tips, tricks, and generally common gaming sense pertaining to proper conduct and strategy in the game, if only to help any poor soul that hasn’t thought of these things yet.

Basic Mid-Race Considerations

Ok, let’s start off with some basic tips to keep in mind when engaged in a race. These aren’t miracle techniques for by any means a way of winning every round, but they may help the struggling amateur to turn around their losing streak or at least stop them getting blasted by every car coming their way.

Braking Bad

For god’s sake, use your brake! You’ll notice that because of the side-scrolling nature of the game that you can’t exactly turn around instantly and blast cars that are behind you because, well it just doesn’t work that way, I’m afraid. You can only shoot what is in front of you most of the time, so instead of waiting for a car to overtake you can taking damage in the process, use your brake to suddenly decrease your momentum and allow rival cars to pass in front of you so that they are in your crosshair, allowing you to blow them to pieces with whatever gun you may have.

Green Team

Your crosshair changes colour for a reason when aiming at enemies. A red crosshair means that it is merely locking on whereas a green crosshair means it has already locked on. Firing when the crosshair is red is a waste of ammo since it won’t do any good. Only fire when the crosshair is green to ensure that you definitely hit your target.

Flipping Brilliant(ly)

Make sure you take advantage of any air you’re getting by flipping your car as many times as you can whilst being able to land safely. This gets you a speed boost when you land. Be careful however: landing upside down or even clipping your roof on anything will make your car explode. Bummer.


There are shortcuts to find in each and every level. Finding shortcuts can allow you to get ahead before you even consider blasting your enemies to get a better finishing position.

Health Issues

You car is obviously destructible, so pay attention to the life bar at the bottom. When you are low on health, you begin smoking, so drive carefully. Also, brake frequently if you have enemies on your tail so they pass you and become less of a threat.

General Tips

Ok, so these are still pretty specific, but every little helps when it comes to advice, right?

Boost (Not Steal)

So I’ve mentioned flipping before, but it can’t be stressed enough how important it can be to maximise the potential of your air time by squeezing in a few flips here and there. Every successful flip leads to your car being boosted, and because the margins are often extremely tight in this game, the difference between 2nd and 4th place and often be just a few simple boosts. Flip as much as you can, though don’t roll your car whilst doing so: this is a guaranteed way to be in last place.

Track Attack

Tracks come in different difficulties which are indicated by the skull rating when selecting them. As a beginner, it can be a good move to select easier tracks in order to earn more money without being confused or challenged by the track. The more difficult tracks have some difficult terrain and have jumps that will turn you around frequently and require you to put in a lot of effort to simply ensure that you don’t land upside down and blow yourself up. It’s best to get used to the feel of the game with the easier tracks first and then go for the more difficult ones down the line when you are more capable.  

Speed Over Destruction

I know those that are a fan of the violent, destructive approach won’t want to hear this, but the way to win matches is simply to be the fastest, not just blow away your competition. It’s all about getting as many flips in as you can and boosting your way to victory. If you can squeeze off a few shots in the meantime, good for you, but braking all the time to get enemies in your sights is going to have a detrimental effect on your position.


It is difficult to instruct you on what upgrades you should be getting because the vehicles are different and so are the desires of the individual. If you must prioritise one thing over the other, however, it should be speed boosts. Upgrade your speed boost first because these are what will allow you to get the edge to win the races. Armour can be good after this to protect against idiots firing behind you. After this, it’s really up to you, but new vehicles are expensive so it can be best to upgrade your current one’s boost, armour, and other features before you splash out on costly cars.