Thumb Formula Racing Mobile Game for Android

Thumb Formula Racing

Drive on wild tracks, challenge 9 opponents and try to make it to one of the 3 first places to get to the next race (120 tracks split into 10 worlds with such different atmospheres) and get virtual Bitcoins! Use the money you earn in each race to buy boosters and unlock new and more powerful cars! This is free! Thumb Formula Racing lets you play, without having to purchase anything! If you like full and free racing games, challenges and the smell of the asphalt, Thumb Formula Racing is perfect for you!

Release Date: 28/08/2014

Available on: iOS

App Store Rating: 3.8/5

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  • Formula racing game against AI,
  • Realistic view from the cockpit of the car
  • Optimized maneuverability for mobile (playable with 1 thumb in portrait mode),
  • 120 levels with rewards,
  • Coins to collect in each level,
  • 24 cars to unlock,
  • HD Graphics, sounds and interfaces,
  • Entirely Free (no in-app purchase).


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Thumb Formula Racing is developed by Gamyo Studio.

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