Traffic Slam 3 Game

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Customize Your Wrecking Vehicle in Traffic Slam 3

Personalize your wrecking machine to create even bigger explosions in Traffic Slam 3. Your sole purpose is to leave a trail of wreckage, bumping, flattening and knocking down a variety of different objects.

Because Traffic Slam 3 uses racing game mechanics, we found the controls to be pretty intuitive. The arrow keys are used for directional movement. Up is forward, Back is reverse, Left will steer your vehicle to the left and the Right key will make it turn to the right. Drifting is pulled off with the use of the 'Z' key. The Space bar is used to detonate explosives while pressing the 'X' key uses up items in your inventory. If you're having difficulty getting a clear view of things, you may also press the 'C' key to change the camera angle.

You are given 30 seconds to run wild and do your worst. In order to extend that period, you will need to comb the roads for some Overtime item pickups. These handy boosters stack, giving you an extra chunk of time to destroy that Porta Potty.

Other handy pickups include Flame Bursts that pack a punch against hapless inanimate objects, Instant Nitro to give your car super speed for that extra crashing power as well as Remote Triggers that light the skies with monstrous building explosions. In Traffic Slam 3's world, offices are just asking to be flattened. How can that not be fun?

To add to your score, Point boosters are scattered about each stage. While adding an extra thousand to your total does feel good, beefing it up with 10,000 Points is way better. Of course, you will need to scour the city, pulling off perfect ramp jumps, to get to sweet, hidden stashes.

As an upgrade to the original's basic premise of near-crazed destruction, there are now optional Missions to fulfill. These include collecting a hundred Coins, wrecking a hundred cars as well as scoring 10,000,000 Points. Treat them like Playstation Trophies, you can opt not to mind them but fulfilling the conditions does give you an idea of how good your game has gotten.

We would have to say that the best upgrade to the series is the introduction of an Item Shop. If you're tired of using a car to decimate the city, you may equip a monster truck, a bus or even an airplane by leveling up. On the other hand, you may change the style of your existing ride, add Gadgets to aid you on your quest to raze the city to the ground and even improve your stats using the Coins you collected across all your attempts. If you're having difficulty saving up enough in-game cash, then make it your top priority to buy the Coin Duplicator Gadget. With that, every pickup will be doubled instantly --Ka-ching. Managing to find Secret Crates will also result in a fatter in-game wallet.

Graphics-wise, the Traffic Slam series has a tendency to get better and better. That being said, Traffic Slam 3 inherited the good looks of the first two games plus a more populated city. The background rendering is definitely smoother and the variety of objects has somewhat improved. Having hidden pockets to explore by ramming into glass windows or knocking down walls also makes the environment come to life. A difficult feat considering the limitations of a free-to-play 3D browser game -even if it is using the Unity engine, the folks at Xform certainly know how to deliver quality.

Thanks to the consistency of its mechanics and game balancing improvements, Traffic Slam 3 is definitely a must play. While it may be deemed as a time waster and nothing more, a mindless game it is not. You will need to keep track of high value items to destroy, know the streets like the back of your hand and plan your initial purchases at the shop in order to master it. Skilled crash game veterans can attempt the new Missions while new fans can just relax to some guilt-free rampage. Considering the fact that your car is set to explode in a few seconds, you might as well take the city with you right?

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