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Burnout Dominator

Dominate a New World Tour of Destruction Rivalry and adrenaline dominate the action in the most intense, challenging Burnout experience yet. In Burnout Dominator, push your skills and your nerves to the limit as you tear across a new world tour. Battle the most insane traffic ever, uncover and exploit shortcuts, master drift corners, and barrel through oncoming cars in a nerve-shredding bid to become the ultimate burner. Fuel your rivalries and stoke your adrenaline even further in the brand-new Maniac mode. With tons of unlockable features and awards, Burnout Dominator will keep you locked and loaded in the ultimate vehicular combat experience.

Release Date: 30/11/0007

Available on: PSP, PS2

Critics Rating: 3.7/5

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  • Master an Epic New World Tour—Hit the road on new tracks built for every style of racing, from drifting on open urban roads to racing against oncoming traffic in crowded city streets.
  • Bigger Boosts—Chain boosts together through reckless driving to reach the ultimate Burnout speeds.
  • Unique Rides—Race in hotrods, 4x4s, muscle cars, and more, taking advantage of their individual features and distinctive handling abilities.
  • Crazier Driving, Bigger Rewards—In the all-new Maniac mode, the more insanely you drive, the more points you score.
  • Exclusive Unlockables—Win races, take down rivals, and complete awards to rack up Domination Points and unlock hidden content.


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Burnout Dominator is developed by Electronic Arts.

Play Burnout Dominator game for PSP and PS2 at Crash Game. Players compete in a World Tour divided into seven series based on different car classes
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