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Wreckfestwreckfest car crash game for ps4

This is a cool game for people who just want a few rounds of car-smashing fun and nothing else. And with that in mind, this game delivers what is demanded by any twisted metal or destruction derby fan. Wreckfest has some nice features such as car customisation and body upgrades to make the actual combat and car crashing more interesting. While the racing element of the game provides competition the real fun to be had within the game is completely smashing up and wrecking other players cars.

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Burnout Paradise RemasteredBurnout Paradise Remastered car crash game for ps4

In what is probably the best arcade car wrecking game ever released, the PS4 gets a remastered version thanks to Criterion Games. Are you ready to smash up downtown or take it to the mountain roads are you aim to completely destroy your friends cars? Race your vehicles in an open world throughout hundreds of miles of road in varied terrains with more than 70 different cars to wreck along the way.

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Carmageddon: ReincarantionCarmageddon: Reincarantion

There is a reason why plenty of folks decided to back the crowdfunding for this game: it is because the developers know how to deliver great action. In terms of graphics and audio, Reincarnation is still a little on the last-gen era side of things. But of course, we are not here for the eye-candy, we are here for car crashes, explosions, and the most satisfying collisions you can have –and those are exactly the things that Carmageddon actually delivers. Tons of civilians to run over, smart enemy challengers that are oh-so-enticing to defeat, and of course, wicked car designs that are simply built for total carnage (yes, pun intended).

The game features several modes of play allowing for a variety of match objectives (keeping things fresh each time you come around). It supports both single, local multi, and online multi (so you get to choose if you get to trash around AI opponents, IRL friends, or random folks online). Our favorite new feature is the replay cam which allows you to get a great second look of the action from a wide range of angles. So this game not only allows you to unleash your road rage, but you can also collect some epic stills of the mayhem you caused.

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Forget the checkered lap times, forget the race positions, and forget the checkered flag. This time, only one thing can truly show your absolute domination of the roads: the smoking remains of all those who got in your way. Get ready for the most hardcore, pedal-meets-metal action as we take you through our list of the most exciting, gut twisting, explosion-packed car crash and destruction games ever made. It does not matter what kind of system you like to have your game on, or what kinds of cars you love to drive, this list has it all and more.

All the Best Car Destruction Games in One List

Next Car Game: WreckfestNext Car Game: Wreckfest

We have no doubts that Wreckfest is an evolution in not only in car destruction/simulation games, but also in game development in general –this is a car crash game that evolves to the tastes of its fans. Obviously, any new changes to the game are done with updates, but all updates are created not only to enhance the game, but also to improve the game to follow the trends and needs of the players.

What started out looking like a straightforward demolition derby game with good emphasis on realistic physics has gone on to add 64-bit support, impressive car models that complement the realistic physics (now you also see realistic bits and pieces flying off or getting smashed in), and plenty of other cool car-crash related things.

The best part is that despite the game already being out for a long time now, the developers are constantly at work making it better: visually, gameplay wise, and more. The best part is that they directly involve the players when making conscious decisions –thus shaping Wreckfest into an incredibly amazing game experience.

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Turbo DismountTurbo Dismount

It is not every day that we would consider putting a time sink kind of game onto a top list, but Turbo Dismount manages to be the exception to the rule. This impressive little nugget of a game has so much good content, customizable settings, and impossibly high potential for cartoonishly destructive mayhem that we simply cannot leave it out. If you ever wanted to really have a crash dummy, this may be the best way to do so.

Ever wondered what it would be like to launch a dummy from a bike off a ramp and into a concrete wall? That’s easy. Try strapping the dummy on a high powered car and send it boosting up a perpendicular ramp. The combinations are massive, and if you add in the completely random traffic, and the huge selection of stages to play around in, and you have got one of the best ragdoll crash simulators ever made.

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BeamNG DriveBeamNG Drive

If the words soft-body physics do not mean anything to you, then you might not know what BeamNG Drive is all about. This is a car simulation game that lets you play around with vehicles in any way you want. Sure, there are some optional game objectives you can play around with like simulated races or driving from point A to point B in a specific vehicle type. But for the most part, this game is all about freedom in driving. Specifically, the freedom to race a monster rig on a closed circuit track because you want to; the freedom to slam two SUVs into each head on just so you can watch it happen in slow motion –simply put, anything you want.

For the most part, this is a lot less of a game and more of a physics simulation system. Except that it happens to have nicely detailed vehicle models and pretty environments. There are a still a lot of rough content in the game in terms of visuals (the draw distance is not that high, and a lot of the map looks generic –but that is hardly going to matter since the main point here is all about watching cars getting wrecked in many wonderful ways.

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FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

Sometimes, you simply cannot rule out a classic –and FlatOut manages to perfectly hit every single important key points of a destruction-centric car game. Fast cars, exciting collisions, wicked track designs, and very responsive controls have kept the series alive despite its age. The game has been out for almost a full decade now and it is still plenty of fun to play; and that is a sure sign of a game done right.

Primarily, FlatOut’s main game mode is racing, so getting first place is what wins you the match. The big catch is that being the fastest is not the only strategy. Tactically being able to smash up the competition is a much more interesting and fun way to win. Of course, you also have to remember that your opponents are thinking the exact same thing.

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Burnout Paradise Burnout Paradise

Currently, this game is the penultimate title in the Burnout series of racing games –developer Criterion Games did not follow up Paradise with a new entry to the Burnout series. Instead, they took their racing and their amazing car-on-car takedown mechanics to the NFS franchise. Only time will tell if they ever go back to making new Burnout titles ever again. All that said however, their last game in the series, Paradise, still stands as one of the most amazing Burnout titles ever made –and that series is full of absolutely top notch games that lets you trade paint in the most stylish of ways.

Hands down, Burnout provides players with the flashiest and most streamlined crash game mechanics ever. Put in simplified steering systems, a drifting mechanic, and a complex range of possible takedown maneuvers and you get a racing game that just begs to be played over and over again. Paradise’s semi-open world approach lets you take on races with a whole different angle as you race towards the starting line and smash your way into the first place. Takedowns are an absolute fun to watch –especially when the action slows down for you to be able to fully appreciate the spectacular way your opponent gets wiped out (thanks to you of course). Naturally, punishments can go both ways, Burnout is all about dealing as much damage while avoiding getting wasted in return. The game’s various modes keeps things from getting too repetitive and allows players to fully appreciate the mayhem that this game makes possible.

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